11.11.2014 Dimitri Ivanov

Armenia become member of the EAEC

In Minsk signed an agreement on Armenia’s joining the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEC)
At the meetings today the fate of integration processes in the post-Soviet space is determined, and a key event was the termination of the Eurasian Economic Community. Instead of this structure is formed by the new – with great economic potential in the field of action which will include 170 million people.
A separate topic was the situation in Ukraine and the position of its head, which for all time in office, did not meet almost any of the presidents of the Commonwealth countries.
Presiding in the CIS Alexander Lukashenko immediately, on the first of the two summits held in Minsk, said that the agenda – this is important, but especially all the members of the Commonwealth of security worries. And the main concern – is the ongoing fighting on the territory of Ukraine. At the same time Lukashenko believes that settlement of the conflict issues in Ukraine should be resolved by the parties to the conflict, and not somewhere in Western Europe.

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