14.02.2014 Dimitri Ivanov

EurAsEC is replaced by EAEC – Eurasian Economic Union

During the meeting of the Interstate Council of the Eurasian Economic Community (EurAsEC) at the level of Heads of States signed a number of agreements. In particular, among these documents – an agreement “on the termination of the Eurasian Economic Community”, and the draft treaty “on the termination of the Eurasian Economic Community.”

“The powers of the EurAsEC Court passed judgment of the Eurasian Economic Union – it will be located in Minsk and take up his functions on 1 January 2015.” – Russian president Putin said.

According to Putin, the new economic union already at the next meeting will discuss how to build a relationship with the European Union. After all, it is supposed to be an open club and economic cooperation, which can join all those who share his views on free trade, services and labor. And now the main thing – to talk and negotiate, to seek forms of cooperation.

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