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BAKIT is an independent company located in Munich, established in 2007 and run by a committed team of experienced professionals. Our strength is in the countries of EurAsian customs union. We can offer you a wide range of certification & consulting services for these certifications and permission documents which are essential for importing and selling your products in the EurAsian customs union.

Due to the constant evolving of these requirements an importer/manufacturer must be sure to obtain the newest information. Our specialists are regularly updated and trained regarding any changes to ensure we at BAKIT provide you the customer the easiest and most cost effective route to importing your products into EurAsian customs union.

An overview of the offered certification, permissions documents and their description can be found below.

Certification EAC

EAC – Euroasian conformity certification, GOST, other certification and permission documents such as state registrations of medical products and fire safety, ex-proof certification of conformance. We help you to import your goods into:

Eurasian economic community (EAEC), Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Ukraine and other former CIS countries.

More information about different types of certificates, approvals and compliance documents here.

In addition to certification services we do provide a professional translations of the regulations and standards and on request do harmonize your technical and operational documentation according to common rules e.g. GOST 2.601.

For more detailed information visit us at:

www.trcu.eu – For further information related to certification services
shop.bakit.eu – For translated norms and regulations

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Our promise is to ensure that your company navigates the complex path of CIS certification effortlessly and efficiently with the minimum cost. This is achieved by harnessing BAKIT’s extensive knowledge and experience gained over many years in the certification business.

We can provide your business with all the certification and documentation services necessary for exporting to CIS countries . Our services include the preparation of all necessary documents, professional translation and in particular technical documentation.

Due to our long experience in the field of certification and through managing difficult and complex projects, we have earned the trust and loyalty of our clients through our hard work, attention to detail, and customer focus. Our drive is to ensure you our customer is happy, because happy customers always return.

We use our experience to support you in your success.


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Our dedicated staff is happy to assist you with the “know-how” and experience in certification matters to help your business prosper in the EurAsian customs union.

EAC (TR CU) certification

Our support team provides you with all necessary information about the actual legal requirements and process for confirmation of compliance EAC (Euroasian conformity) certification. 47 regulations have been included to the schedule of development of priority regulations of the Customs Union.

Encryption Notification

Encryption Notification consists of documents that allows importing devices with encryption functionality or are using an encryption algorithm.

Low voltage equipment

Low voltage equipment is subject to the certification of conformity according to the TR CU 004/2011 – On safety of low voltage equipment.

Electromagnetic compatibility

Almost all technical electrically driven products (e.g. motors) are subject to the certification of compliance with the regulation TR CU 020/2011 Electrical compatibility of technical products.

Technical expertise of industrial safety

For the Technical expertise of industrial safety is a conformity assessment procedure, which determines the compliance degree with the currently applicable requirements of the Russian or local legislation and contains several stages. After completion of all required stages, the results are summarised in the expert findings report.

On safety of machinery and equipment

The technical regulation TR CU 010/2011 applies to machines and (or) equipment and establishes minimum requirements of machine safety and (or) equipment in the development (design), manufacture, installation, commissioning, operation, storage, transportation, marketing and utilisation in order to protect human life or health, property, environment, life and animal health, prevention of actions misleading consumers. Depending on the equipment the conformity can be completed in form of declaration and in form of certification.

Fire-safety expertise and certification

The fire safety technical regulation determines the fire safety requirements to products, design, manufacture, operation, storage, transportation, sale and disposal processes, govern relations of applicable to fire safety requirements, control legal relations applicable to conformance evaluation. Each subject of protection shall have a fire protection system to prevent fire, ensure safety of people and protect property in case of fire and include fire prevention and fire protection systems.

Certificate of State registration

In connection with the entry into force of the Regulation of Customs Union on sanitary measures dated on 01.07.2010 the issuing of sanitary-epidemiological certificates or Hygienic certificate is stopped. The actual document confirming the quality and safety of the product is the Certificate of State registration of Customs Union, which is valid on the entire territory of the Customs Union including three countries – Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Armenia.

Certification of ex-Proof Equipment

Explosion-Safety Certificate of Conformity Conformity with marking of Ex-equipment and also explosion proof (explosion safety certificate, Ех certificate, TR CU certificate with explosion proof of electrical equipment etc.) is a document certifying that a certain type of equipment complies with a specific standard for type of explosion-protection and is designed specifically for use in explosive environment and therefore manufacturing of such equipment requires a mandatory explosion proof (explosion safety) certificate.

Letter of exemption

The Letter of exemption is a clarification for lack of need of mandatory confirmation of the product conformance. The letter of exemption contains a reasoned clarification that a certain product is not subjected to mandatory certification or information about need of mandatory confirmation of conformance and is demanded for customs clearance or commercial operations.

Declaration of conformity GOST R

The GOST R declaration is a simplified form of conformity, which will be completed on the basis of documents provided by the customer: can be technical documentation, test reports, etc. A factory inspection is not required for the declaration of conformity. After reviewing all documents the decision on compliance with the standards for the declaration of conformity shall be taken within a few days and given in the form of an electronic document.

Voluntary GOST R Certificate

Not all products are subjected to mandatory certification. However, we recommend obtaining the voluntary GOST R Certificate of Conformity to increase sales possibilities for products in the territory of Russian Federation and CIS countries. The voluntary certificate confirms conformance of the goods with existing reference documents and regulations (national rules and specifications).

State registration of medical equipment

Medical products are classed as any instrument, apparatus, appliances, equipment, materials or any other product used for medical purposes. This can either be by itself or in combination with another, or with any accessory necessary for the application of a product for medical purposes. This also includes computers, printers and specialized software.

Conformity of telecommunication equipment

Any communication equipment used in the public telecommunications network must have either a declaration or certificate of conformity in the field of communication. Conformity in field of telecommunication is required for thus equipment that performs switching and routing, radio transmission equipment, digital transport systems, equipment for the verification, measuring and accounting the provided telecommunication services and other devices for use by telecommunication service providers.


Translated norms, rules and regulations

TR CU 004/2011

On Safety of Low-voltage Equipment
  • Translation of the actual regulation

TR CU 020/2011

Electromagnetic Compatibility of Technical Products
  • Translation of the actual TR CU regulation

TR CU 032/2013

About the safety of the high pressure vessels
  • Translation of the actual regulation


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